Liven Your Events With Flair & Fun That Only THOSE GUYS Can Provide!  

THOSE GUYS have performed from Augusta to Greenville - from Charlotte to LaGrange - from Simpsonville to Athens.
We provide entertainment for wedding receptions and rehearsal parties, high school reunions, staff and birthday parties,
Christmas parties and block parties; we've played for dance clubs and for senior groups, fundraisers and political functions.
Whatever the occasion, let THOSE GUYS provide the uniquely festive environment that only a live band can deliver!




From a cappella Bluegrass Gospel to Rock & Roll and a whole lot of stops in between, Those Guys have been laying down the timeless sounds of classic Rock in the upstate of South Carolina for more than twenty years.  Based in Anderson, South Carolina, the band has grown from four to an eclectic group of six accomplished and talented musicians and performers.  With the growth in their numbers has come a corresponding growth in their repertoire, their stage presence, their accomplishments, their professionalism and, not surprisingly, their popularity.


As their popularity increased, so did their interests in different music styles.  Those Guys are one of the most versatile groups you will ever hear.  In checking out this Website, you will find song categories ranging from their first love, Classic Rock & Roll, to Country, Blues, and beach/Motown.  One of the more telling classifications is their "Fun" songs lineup, which ranges from a great capella version of "Goin to the Chapel" to a fast-paced medley featuring… get this… bluegrass, gospel and television show themes… that you can Clog to… for real!  This "Connection" to the audience is a hallmark of every Those Guys concert and continues to be a prime reason this band receives so many requests for return engagements.


Which brings us to another important feature of Those Guys music, and that is the "Dance-ability quotient".  The reason so much of this music is timeless is because it reminds us of our carefree years when we literally danced our troubles away.  Just try and keep still at a Those Guys concert… we dare you!  Because the music selections are so varied, so are the dances that draw you to the dance floor.  You can Clog, Jitterbug, Twist, Shag, line dance, fast dance, or just grab your honey and enjoy a romantic slow dance.  Those Guys keep the music coming quickly, so if you don't know one dance, wait a couple of minutes and try the next one, or choose to learn the Electric Slide, or another line dance number!

To Contact THOSE GUYS:


 Or through the following telephone numbers:

864-225-2545 (Steve Alexander)

or 864-225-7695 (Mark Cox)

And I'll Teach You... Teach You... Teach You... I'll Teach You The Electric Slide....